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Writing a poetry essay

So you are assigned to create a critical analysis of the study of poetry and to provide it in a form of essay. First, the word “analyze” is not so terrifying. You don’t have to make the poem confess.

Make sure to review the text twice at least. You'll have to read a poem many times before understanding its deep meaning. Give yourself the possibility to completely and fully feel the poem.

Does it have a title? Consider it carefully. The readers miss a poem’s name quite often, which could include hints which will greatly help to get the key idea of the text. Quite often it’s the introduction that can provide a guidance.

Remain calm! If there are any unknown words or even a couple of foreign expressions, don’t get nervous. When you are reading for the first time, don’t focus on them, just try to get the main idea. When reading for the second time, try to find out what that expression mean. You can also consult the other sources and use the found poetry review for your essay.

Try reading aloud. It’s really important to do this. Poems are intended to be read. When practicing it, you will suddenly understand those lines which were hard for you. You will surely be comfortable and confident with it, though it may seem silly at first sight. Try reading in your usual voice.

Mind the punctuation. In most cases, it helps the reader to choose the right tone and rhythm. You have to be attentive, since the end of a line is not necessarily the end of the sentence.

Paraphrasing will help you greatly. It may possibly be most effective to say in your own words what the author tries to say. This is going to help you not only in the analysis paper but also in your research paper on poetry. During your work, you’ll surely see the parts which need your attention.

Feel free to interpret. For instance, not always the verse everyone considers as a confusing one is really confusing. You may find something interesting there if you try to.

All the words are important. While writing a narrative poetry paper, keep in mind that there are no pointless words in a text. Poets pick each word really carefully, so you can be sure that it does have a certain sense. Try not to miss a word. All the symbols always have their aim in the general idea of the verse.

Don’t anticipate a definitive reading. A great number of poems have an open ending and they do not convey their ideas. Though you need to understand the meaning of the text, you also need to think over your own interpretations.

Identify the speaker of the poem. Keep in mind that the poet is not always the one who is actually the “speaker”. Quite often, there is a character in the verse, just like in a play or a novel. Once you find out who is the speaker of the story, it would be easier to create a great work.

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