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What you need to know about hoverboard Part 1

One of the most popular destinations for business with China remain sale the so called "trending articles". Tracking popular gadgets doing many companies that offer small and large wholesalers the opportunity to earn on them of 300-500%. If you have thought about what is interesting to buy in China, currently one of the most trendy products is hoverboard. The company's specialists UCHINA understand all the nuances associated with the new vehicle present you with most detailed in information hoverboards.

English languages there is no single name for this vehicle In the Internet there are many different variants of the name of hoverboards. Some people call hoverboard "mini segway". This is not entirely true. Segway is an American company that invented the electric self-balancing vehicle with two wheels located on either side of the driver. Management in the first model occurs via the swivel arm, the new models swing column to the left to the right. Hoverboard no arm, and was operated on a different principle: if you transfer the body weight on one leg is the inclusion of only one motor and, as a consequence, rotation of hoverboard.

The inventor of a new means of transportation Shane Chen created and patented in the USA two wheeled Hovertrax device, dubbed "hoverboard" in honor of the futuristic skateboard from the movie "Back to the future 2". The name of the hoverboard is more popular in English speaking countries. A single correct name does not exist, but that the name "gyrostar" is most common. There are other options: the smart scooter, mini scooter, etc.. anyway, we believe that it is better to call this device a "hoverboard" as the basis of the mechanism is the gyroscope.

The patent war has not had a new vehicle to become known as the United States began the patent wars between companies, which claim to a significant portion of the market. In 2013, the American inventor of Chinese descent, Shane Chen, which was discussed above, has created a patented new product called the Hovertrax and began to sell it, but not very successfully. At the same time in the United States began selling looks very similar devices from other companies. Sales leaders are the IO HAWK and PhunkeeDuck. It should be noted that all companies produce hoverboard in China.

U.S. patent No. 8,738,278B2 Image: Shane Chen / Via Google Docs, the Company PhunkeeDuck famous for the fact that it is on their hoverboard riding popular stars such as Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx and others. But in fact the company did not invent anything new, they just got into the trend. The founders PhunkeeDuck before starting his company engaged in the manufacture of covers for phones in China and selling them under its own brand in the U.S. market. By the same principle, and sold their hoverboard. All they did was put their logo on the case and ordered the box with his design. This all changes over. The company IO HAWK went a little further. At their request, the Chinese factory increased the engine power, battery capacity and improved the quality of the materials.

Between the companies the IO HAWK, PhunkeeDuck and Hovertrax started the patent war. The company began to accuse each other of plagiarism and theft of ideas. The strongest argument was Shane Chen, as he had a patent in the United States. In the original: “a two wheel, self-balancing personal vehicle“. But his patent does not apply to China, whence come all hoverboard. In the end, none of the companies are unable to achieve their goals, and products of each of them are still freely sold on the U.S. market. The Inventist Hovertrax.

Hovertrax has a small sales, because the cost of hoverboards higher. Shane uses higher quality components, but the price is higher. In this regard his company very difficult to compete with Chinese manufacturers.