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Simple modern gadgets and devices Part 2

Personal computer Raspberry Pi

Most users really don't need all those technological capabilities that provides them with a personal computer. The lion's share of people limit their communication with a computer viewing videos and photos, communicate online and run simple programs. So why pay big money for something you really don't need? This idea was guided by several British engineers, creating a project of a simple personal computer Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is not even a computer is a small electronic Board slightly bigger than a Bank card, in which, however, have everything necessary to complete the work. It remains only to connect external devices monitor, keyboard, mouse and network cable.

The simplest version of the Raspberry Pi is based on the processor with a clock frequency of 700 GHz, 512 megabytes of RAM and permanent storage on the flash drives. This fee is only 25 us dollars.

Raspberry Pi can use to create your own digital devices, as well as for training people in the poorest countries of the world basic computer literacy and the basics of programming.

Camera HTC RE

The HTC RE camera has a common conceptual basis with the fitness bracelet Xiaomi MiBand. After all, its creators decided that such apparatus does not need most of the features that you need to replace a mobile phone.

In the end, the HTC RE camera represents only a small tube with a fixed wide-angle objective and a shutter button. Inside is the battery, the CMOS sensor with a resolution of 16 megapixels, and wireless modules to connect to other devices. All other functions of the device are available through a special app on your smartphone or tablet computer.

The HTC RE camera is perfect for sports and other active activities. The simplicity of the design of this device directly affects his ability to withstand great physical shock, making it an ideal action camera. Is camera HTC RE is 199 U.S. dollars.

Cell phone John's Phone

John's Phone is a mobile phone that can give odds even in the simplicity of the above mentioned minimalist machines from the company Just5. Because this device has less functionality.

So, John's Phone can only make calls and receive incoming calls, even text messages it may not work because corny have the device not the screen. Rather, the display he still is, but it is located on the top edge of the device and may display only the phone number of the person you're calling, or who is currently calling you.

John's Phone is able to recognize multiple phone numbers stored on the SIM card, but the speed dial you can add only ten of them. The rest of the information the creators of this mobile phone offers users a stored in a paper notebook which is integrated into the rear panel of this unit. This 32-page Notepad and pen come with your device.

In Notepad, by the way, you can play the game, because one of the pages contains a number of fields.

Smart watch Pebble

Device called Pebble is one of the easiest and cheapest, but the most popular smartwatch on the international market. From other similar devices its features are of the utmost minimalism in design and functionality, and the use of electronic ink technology E-Ink display.

E-ink on the dial not only allow you to create these smart watches interesting visual effect, but also significantly increase the average duration of operation of the device at one full battery charge. If conventional such devices need to be charged every day or two, that Pebble has been successfully operating for seven to ten days.

However, Pebble is full smartwatch. They can connect with a smartphone via wireless communication interfaces and become its external screen. With their help it is possible to see the caller's name person to read text messages and emails, as well as control the media player.

The device Pebble is quite beautiful, attractive design. The cheapest model of these "smart" is 99 us dollars, and the version with steel case $199.