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Simple modern gadgets and devices Part 1

Modern technology is evolving not only in the direction of complication. There are designers who believe that true beauty in simplicity. They create the most simple, but functional gadgets and devices, about 6 of the most interesting of which we describe in this review.

The fitness bracelet Xiaomi MiBand

Most popular fitness bracelets, issued by large companies, there are quite a lot of money several hundred dollars. It is a status device, possessed by the middle and upper class, so why not get potential customers to shell out? Apparently, so I think manufacturers of such devices.

In the end, the fitness bracelets become almost smartwatches in any case, the functionality of these two types of devices are gradually converging. However, the company Xiaomi has decided to act radically against this trend, in September 2014, she presented a truly democratic fitness bracelet Xiaomi MiBand name.

Xiaomi MiBand is not two or three hundred dollars, like other similar devices, and just $25. It is quite affordable price even for the poor fans of the sport. The most important thing in this device not the internal components and interfaces, and the ability to connect to the smartphone.

Bracelet Xiaomi MiBand as simple as possible in design and functionality. He doesn't even have an external screen it is replaced with three tiny LEDs, which allow you to see the level of battery charge and the progress in achieving fitness goals. All other functions of the device is available exclusively on the smartphone screen via a special app developed by Xiaomi.

Moreover, Xiaomi is gradually increasing feature set of its fitness bracelet. In the future, it promises to be a truly functional yet cheap device.

Mobile phone Just5

In the era of smartphones in the market is almost no room left for the classic keypad of mobile phones that have the minimum number of functions are only able to call and send text messages. But some companies continue to produce such devices. One of the most notable brands in this market is the company Just5.

The company's products Just5 is designed for the youngest and oldest mobile phone users, people who, because of age or physical condition are unable to use complex management and understanding of smartphones. Just5 phones have the simplest design with the same functionality.

With the help of Just5 phone, you can just call and make a few other simple actions. It has no camera, Internet browser and the possibility to install apps like Instagram. But the Just5 phones have interesting design and large buttons, which is very handy for the elderly and children.

However, the apparatus Just5 is also popular as a second mobile phone, which can be used in case of loss or damage to the main device, and also in the appearance of an additional SIM card.