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Shakespeare autobiography writing tips

A research paper on William Shakespeare biography is quite a challenging assignment, as it would require doing a thorough research on poet’s mysterious life. The main goal of such type of research paper is showing the artist’s contribution to the world art.

To create a good biography work, one will need to come up with a thesis and few supporting parts, providing such facts like, for example, what did William Shakespeare write and some key events from his life. End up with a good conclusion.

Let’s consider the guidelines step by step:

Choose the topic to concentrate on

There are several matters to choose from. For instance, you can choose a topic like “William Shakespeare as a play writer" or "A Philosophy of a famous artist". Both variants will dwell on the biography but they should discuss it from different perspectives. You will need to find good resources on the chosen theme, and it's better to choose the topic which is really interesting to you since it will guarantee that the research will not be boring for you.

Conduct a Research

Read as much as possible about the person, because only in such a way you'll have a clear picture of the artist's life and about the reasons of why he became so outstanding. Actually, different researchers have quite different views on Shakespeare period of writing, for example. As you can see, you should review a lot of sources about a famous artist. While getting familiarized with the information, try taking notes of the important events, names or dates. Don’t forget to note some worthy opinions, and it would be better if they oppose to the topic you’ve picked.

Create an outline

Creating an outline will greatly help you to organize all the data you've found. Besides, your paper should follow the standard pattern and contain an intro, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. However, the teacher may give you some other requirements. So, the outline will assist in structuring the work logically and will prevent from missing important points.

An Introductory Paragraph

The intro to your writing about William Shakespeare must be engaging and it should motivate the reader to investigate the whole paper. There are few helpful tricks on how to write an exciting intro:

  • You may start with a quote by the person you write about or about the topic.
  • Start with an interesting story about Shakespeare.
  • Begin the paper with a great artist’s achievement.

Come up with a thesis statement

Pay great attention to composing a thesis statement, as it is a basis for the rest of your work. Make sure that the statement is relevant to your biography writing and it expresses your position towards the topic.

The Body

In this part, you have to provide all the obtained facts and opinions. You need to stick to the chosen theme strictly. Since you are writing a biography paper, concentrate on the life of a great playwright. Tell the readers about his world view, his interests. To make the matter more complex, provide contradictive opinions of various authors.

The Conclusion part

Here you need to conclude all you've written. But keep in mind that you need to sum up everything in such a way so that the readers could learn about artist's legacy, what contribution was made, and state whether the masterpieces are relevant to today's life. This should be written instead of rephrasing the thesis statement.

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