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The Secret of a Great William Shakespeare Paper

Everyone knows such a great artist, and it's hard to deny the fact that the artist was a genius since his masterpieces are still performed at theaters. However, not all the students can share such an opinion because they need to write various research papers on Shakespeare life, plays and sonnets, course works and a huge amount of essays. If you are one of those who has been assigned to a paper on a famous writer, don't give up, just check the below-mentioned tips that can help you to make your work original and innovative, and the process of writing exciting.

Biography Part

Shakespeare biography for students is a challenge that requires a lot of time and patience since it is full of contradictive facts. It's better to investigate thoroughly the biography using the reliable sources and make the connections between the plays he wrote and the events from his life. It would definitely help you to get a higher mark.

Your aim is to not only to inform the readers about what did William Shakespeare write but also how it can be linked to the historical context.

The analysis of literary devices

You mention a lot of facts from life, like, for instance, when did Shakespeare start writing plays, but you work will not be considered as a complete one if you omit analyzing literary devices used in the sonnets and plays. He was a master of imagery and it makes his works so outstanding.

When analyzing the works, pay attention to the use of metaphors and metonymies and other figures of speech. These devices are usually used by many writers to express a certain idea. But keep in mind, that you should not only list the devices, but to analyze them comprehensively as well.

For instance, you need to explain to the reader why this or that literary device was used and what the artist wanted to achieve by employing it.

Visiting the performance

It will be a great idea to see a performance by a great playwright with your own eyes in the theater. It will help you to see how the literary devices are employed in front of people and you will surely see how they affect the audience and why they have been chosen. Besides, it's really more fun and interesting actually to see the performance than just to read it. In addition, unforgettable emotions are not the only advantage of visiting the play, you will see how all the metaphors and similes work in reality. Including this information to your essay will help to get a high grade.

Shakespeare presentation ideas

If you were assigned a presentation, you may create it in a form of a report, describing your experience of watching the play. You may compare your own view of this or that play with the actors’ performance. Moreover, you may try to interview one of the actors and ask them how they see the particular role and what the great playwright tried to convey on the actor’s point of view.