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Programming languages for beginners Part 1

Programming gradually stands on one industry after another: not so long ago the taxi seemed completely offline process, and now Uber is running a lot of developers. Looking at this (as well as the level of salaries of specialists), even a non-programmer people are thinking: "And not to try me".

Often such thoughts immediately deters a variety of programming languages: you have to choose from many not entirely clear variants. What are languages and why there is no one universal best and which of them to take in the first place and for what tasks?

Understand this help courses such as "fundamentals of programming", where you can determine which prospects it is best to relate your interests.

The choice of language depends largely on what you intend to do with it. Now the most popular application languages - web development, mobile and game development. Web development, in turn, is divided into frontend (what the user directly interacts) and back end (invisible to the user but necessary "technical" part).

HTML and CSS - the face of the site

Used together, HTML and CSS in fact are not programming languages. They do not define how to operate the site, and just how it will look. If you write a website using only HTML and CSS, it will be a set of static pages where the only interactive elements are links.

However, the sites are not without HTML, so it is basic knowledge to anyone who plans to do web development. And ownership of CSS can be quite valuable skill: the task "to locate the elements" is not always trivial.

JavaScript to teach to understand you

JavaScript is responsible for interactivity and dynamically changing information on the site. For example, when you enter in the form on the website phone number in the wrong format or forget about the icon when entering the email address, JavaScript allows the site to instantly know about it and highlight the field in red. But the counter hits the page, changing in real time: on HTML website would show only static.

JavaScript was the main language of the frontend and is now experiencing the peak of popularity: the interest in it is growing, and in the JavaScript world there are always new tools. The caveat is that the developer constant emergence of something new - not always a plus: often have to be retrained, and new is not always stable, causing unpleasant surprises. However, nobody forbids to use a stable and popular tools.

In addition, there is a platform Node.js that allowed the use of JavaScript and the backend. In contrast to the frontend, there he is not a leader and competes with a number of other languages.

Java reliable as grandpa's coat

Although the name is sometimes confused with JavaScript, Java is not just another language, and almost opposite of JavaScript: this is a more conservative choice, proven over the years. It is preferred to use in the backend of the projects, for which reliability is more important than fashion trends - for example, banking systems. In the ranking of popularity of languages TIOBE Java is the first line, this means that in the world there are millions of jobs for Java developers.

Young developers often think Java is boring and outdated, and its supporters are responsible, for example, this GIF that no Node.js nothing compared to her power:

Python a progressive and popular

If you compare Python with Java, it will win the amount of code, but lose in execution speed. For a big high load project where performance is critical, Python is not the best choice. The language is perfect for a startup: for example, to show investors the prototype to end all investment money.