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IBM supercomputer Watson for healthcare industry

Developed by IBM supercomputer Watson, after "finishing" medical school and residency is ready to help living doctors.

Supercomputing software Watson are very widely known in the world. Unlike conventional computers, it can process and analyze unstructured data in any format, including in plain human speech (though only in English). In 2011, Watson beat humans in two games of “Jeopardy!”, and then engaged in more serious things - in 2013, he completed a course of medical Institute with a specialization in Oncology. At a recent conference, M-Health Congress, the head of one of the directions IBM smarter planet in Central and Eastern Europe said that on learning this supercomputer medicine and continued developments in the field of health specifically created for Watson and a structural unit IBM gets a 6 billion dollars.

Watson demands packed unstructured info, conducts investigation, if needed, tell someone of all those info it isn't enough to get a suitable answer for the query, and gives an answer called him to get 3 (at especially troublesome situations, a guess period might be grown into at least one minute). Your choice to utilize Watson in medical care would be clear: based to this numbers from the US 20 percent of main investigations is put in erroneously and also approximately 100 million patients annually die as a result of health care errors which might have been averted.

An specialty of Watson into Oncology as a result of simple fact that inside this branch of drugs, the proportion of erroneous investigations had been more than double the ordinary degree of 45 percent (at the United States). The circumstance is compounded with how enough timing to get its reception of sufferers at the U.S. is quite confined - practically 10-12 moments (seemingly that our Ministry of overall health composed of the criteria for their own American counterparts) along with Watson is intended to simply help a physician to speedily earn a determination in regards to the identification and also the therapy while in the light of most information offered, perhaps not merely inside the healthcare listing of their individual, however additionally in maps of tens of thousands of different individuals with similar investigations, in addition to in books from professional medical journals on important issues during the past few decades.