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How virtual reality will change the world we are living in Part 2

Improving the quality of the image, the tracking movement of the user by the external camera, and also, most importantly, increasing the angle up to 110 degrees all this was the secret of success. Stereoscopic three-dimensional view of the headset gives full peripheral vision and an immersive experience as if you are watching the surrounding world through their own eyes.

In parallel with Oculus and other companies are gradually beginning to enter the market of virtual reality. Sony (not a pioneer in the field of games) announced its Morpheus headset; Samsung (with the support of the Oculus engineers) presented his virtual reality helmet Gear VR, in which as the primary display stands Galaxy Note 4. Nobody will be surprised if the next year will be the year of VR headsets that are strewn everywhere as she had showered smartphones.

Oculus Rift has become one of the top ten technologies of the year by MIT, the best University in the world.

"The guys at Oculus have done everything right. In the 90-ies the company that makes head displays, only excuses and said, "No, actually you need only this small window in the distance, but it will be a great solution". Oculus has practically drawn a line in the sand, making this 110 degree field of view. As soon as I put it on. I was very happy, because I finally felt complete immersion like never before."

Aside the technical details, let's talk about where this is going. Who needs virtual reality? Why do we shut out the world for a convex lens? One answer to all: this is really cool.

Anyway, virtual reality is coming to us faster than we expected, and the trend promises to shoot more powerful than the aforementioned cinemas in 3D, sanctions or a new iPhone. Gamers, armed with inexpensive headsets, will gain a second wind, and for many years will be lost in virtual reality. People easier will get a chance to test yourself a racer "Formula 1", the pilot of a fighter or captain of the enterprise. A particularly promising promises the use of virtual reality in medicine and on the battlefield. Everything more slowly.

If we talk about games, virtual reality, for them, a real revolution. Closer communication of the player with the fictional world can be, only if he is fictional. No distance from the monitor to the eyes, absolute immersion and total identification with the main character.

There are problems for example, the complexity of the competitive game with an omnidirectional treadmill from Virtuix Omni paired with a person with a good physical preparation. Much to the regret of the lazy, if virtual reality is integrated with a real need to lift weights.

About people's reactions to the game Alien: Isolation on the Oculus Rift headset: "actually, it is very interesting to observe people and their attempts to behave naturally. But then a Stranger comes closer, and you see the physical reaction of their bodies. They tense. When the Alien attacks them, they physically lean back in their chairs".

Virtual simulators for training future pilots and plant operators are long-standing. But with the development of the Oculus Rift headset and related devices everyone can test himself in the role of a bird, for example. Flight simulator for whole body Birdly, developed by max Rayner, a Swiss artist who literally turns people into birds. You can fly over cities, feeling the wind from the fan, which pulls the virtual tail. There is nothing difficult to move from the bird's body in the cockpit of a fighter. Yes, aircraft and other simulators have long attracted gamers, but believe me, in virtual reality everything is very different.

Another extremely useful application of virtual reality glasses in the future will be design and architecture, along with virtual tours and visits to museums. Wearing glasses, people can feel yourself in the role of Creator, even though the resources for his creations are practically inexhaustible. In terms of such applications of virtual reality the possibilities are almost endless.

In medicine, essential virtual surgery on virtual patients. For example, in order to better prepare for the process itself and to prevent all emergencies. Surgical da Vinci system allows the surgeon using the 3D camera to see everything that is happening in the patient's body and detect the motion of the surgeon's hands, transforming them into instruments inside the body. With the use of virtual reality any operation, experiment, or training students can acquire accuracy and predictability.

Is used virtual reality to treat phobias, rehabilitation, pain relief and other related perception and memories therapies. A very interesting example of a program SnowWorld, in which patients with severe burns were placed in a virtual reality, where we walked through the snowy Wonderland and throwing virtual snowballs. This therapeutic tool really helped with the pain. A similar program SpiderWorld reduced level of anxiety when meeting with the spiders in the treatment of arachnophobia. In the end, the virtual environment can be controlled, and this is important.

The purpose of Palmer Luckey to make the Oculus Rift casual product, which cannot imagine life any self-respecting man. Similar to smartphones, isn't it? The Creator of the Oculus recognizes that the first users of headsets will likely be hardcore gamers who need a powerful computer. In the future the Oculus Rift will be able to get by without the need of connecting to an external source, like a PC or console. But until the Oculus is not even planning to sell their equipment at retail only through the website.

The games industry is a heavy flywheel that spins up to bring virtual reality to the world. Over time, considers it Lucky, virtual reality will go beyond games. Those people who are creating three dimensional games today, will be engaged in architecture, virtual walks, movies, and other things.

What's next? The world around you will be filled with interactive elements, pop-up tips and ads, annoying on every corner. Regardless of whether you want to go in a helmet, glasses or contact lenses, the primary interface of the human eye will remain the same. Most of the information we "see". Agree, it would be interesting if all that we see, could change, at the wave of a magic wand.