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How information technology is used in medicine

Information technology is a useful tool which is successfully applied in many spheres of life. Medicine is no exception. Progress in information technology has a positive impact on the development of new directions of organization of medical aid to the population. The possibility of conducting teleconsultations for patients, surveillance and control in real time, using systems that would remotely capture and transmit physiological parameters all it takes medicine to a new level. Many developed countries are already actively using these, and many other systems in regular practice in the health sector.

Increasingly used technology for non stop medical online consultations, dynamic monitoring of patients, control over key vital signs of the patient and the emergency correction.

Currently using information technology in healthcare the following tasks:

  • Monitoring of physiological parameters of patients such as blood pressure, blood sugar etc.
  • Increased availability of health services and assistance to such populations that reside in geographically remote areas, people with disabilities and patients in closed or organized groups. If you look at foreign practice, in the US (Texas and Georgia) is a telecommunication link between the health facilities, state prisons and hospices.
  • The elderly population is provided quality outpatient observation. People who are coming to retirement age, are more susceptible to various chronic diseases and their health is very important is the control of physiological parameters to ensure the prevention and treatment of ailments.
  • Supported rehabilitation for patients after operations, and also rehabilitation and telemedicine services for women in the prenatal and postnatal period.
  • Rehabilitation to the patients who need psychological or psychiatric help. Through audiovisual communication the physician provides the necessary support to the patient, conducts some work with the person owing to what there comes improvement not only on psychological but also on physical level.
  • On the part of highly qualified specialists is consulting support in the provision of medical assistance in emergency situations.
  • When the fighting is telemedicine support in the areas concerned.
  • Maintains an electronic database of all patients with a full history of hits, starting with the first visit to the institution, indicating the prescribed treatment. The opportunity to conduct a quick information search in context in the database.
  • Standardised and States and research, which, moreover, saves time of medical personnel.
  • Created email queue, and maintains an electronic record to the experts.
  • Preparation of prescriptions, appointments, medical certificates and other documents for patients.
  • Created a unified information network, both within the clinic and to interact with other agencies and pharmacies.
  • In addition, with the help of the Internet health care providers have access to the latest information in the field of healthcare and can establish professional relationships with colleagues to exchange experience.