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Cyber warfare and its threats

Any scientific achievement and technology enterprising warriors try to put at the service of the God of war. Subject to this rule and computer technology, which can also be used for applying real damage to a potential enemy. These technologies even got a separate name cyberwar.

What it is and what like virtual fighting threatening ordinary people is a matter which should be considered in more detail.

Cyber warfare is a special kind of confrontation in the Internet, which are aimed at undermining the normal functioning of the relevant systems in government agencies, financial institutions, email providers and other enterprises, are actively using this form of communication. To conduct such military actions need only one weapon a PC connected to the global network and qualified person who sits behind the monitor.

Methods of cyber warfare are to conduct targeted hacker attacks on certain key elements in the state structures and controls that are responsible for normal functioning of water supply, electricity distribution, traffic flows, energy and communications.

In connection with the widest spread of information technologies in all spheres of our life such as subversive activities, if successful, can cause damage that will be comparable to the explosion of several atomic bombs. Thus it is possible to disorient and demoralize the enemy, using conventional weapons and without entering into the territory of a hostile state or a soldier.

Modern history knows examples of combat operations in a virtual environment. For example, in 2008 elements of the cyber war took place in the confrontation, and in 2012 these computer battle was fought between South and North Korea.

The case when ordinary hackers could take control of a computer device in the Pentagon. It is therefore not a big surprise the fact that some terrorist organizations have started the training of whole units of cyber view.

Tools of all attacks of this kind are malware and viruses, and thus to counter the cyber warfare it is necessary to use high quality protection and competent professionals.

The positive aspect of such technologies to destroy the computer systems of the enemy, can be thus effective instrument of struggle against potential threats from the machines. And if we have the situation described in the movie "Terminator", we will have something to say claims to world domination artificial intelligence.