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Security & Privacy

Articles show all possible vulnerabilities in your hardware and software that may harm your personal information

Plagiarism as a form of academic dishonesty

What is plagiarism? Today it is necessary to recognize that plagiarism is a form of outsourcing, therefore it is necessary to counteract it the traditions and norms of academic culture, which are based on the positioning of the practice of author's branding, creative aggregation of content, the value of their own position, thought, idea, style. But at the same time, it must be understood that plagiarism is a very quick one-way road to its own goals and scientific achievements.

How to protect personal data on the Internet Part 1

Tell why our personal information every day are under threat, and share tips on how to protect personal information online.

Many people think that their data criminals are not interested, but experience shows that fame does not affect the willingness of intruders to acquire other people's personal information and to benefit from them. We reviewed the most popular scenarios where your data is at risk and will tell you what to do to keep personal information confidential.


Cyber safety specialist hacked the drones

Indian cyber security expert Rahul Sasi (Rahul Sasi) was told about his way secretly to obtain full control of drones based on ARM Linux, steal them from the owner and even infect other drones, collecting thus the "zombie army". The results of the research he presented on January 26 in his blog.

According to the security officer of the Indian company Citrix Rahula Sasi, the threat of mass hacking of drones by real hackers. He found the vulnerability in operating systems on ARM based Linux is used in popular brands Parrot quadcopters and DJI Phantom.

Cybersecurity trends Part 1

This past year that the most important reason behind the delight of reefs around the entire world will probably be cyber security, pros state, and also that problem increases together with the maturation of the Web of matters and also the rising international freedom and inter connectedness.

Cybersecurity trends Part 2

Whenever these insights are incorporated together with "wearable" electronics, "complementary" simple as an instance, "bright eyeglasses" with electronic screens, we may eventually become "brand new job drive, that is made up of wise men and women", claims Valerie Riffo Kanelos, supervisor creation of fresh niches, the organization Epson.

This will definitely enable us to immediately solve endeavors, she stated, and also boost our productivity.

What is cyber security?

Returning into the field of cyber security plan, that commenced talking each calendar year, I do wish to interest quite an intriguing regular that clarifies that theory and its connection to additional, much more recognizable into the metro terms in these advice stability. We're speaking concerning. Info technology Security systems Strategies to cyber security, that has been embraced in July this past calendar year.