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Predictions about the Internet in 2025 Part 1

To indicate the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the internet, Pew Research middle pros mentioned the potential for the web, that range from cyber security for simple person simply click.

Inch. Worldwide, thrilling, only a small dip into the system with cameras, gadgets, clever detectors, software, and databases which are consumer to connect together with everything and everyone.

Augmented the reality is mobile technology that's literally assembled into the guy, like in "Elysium" Matt Damon.

TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP and Cryptography Explained Part 2

As an instance, so as to gain access to the Witness internet website, you have to dial referred to as frequently the domain name, as an alternative define the true IP address speech: Afterward your keyboard sends the DNS host a note comprising that title. Subsequent to the DNS server translates that the domain name in an internet protocol address, it conveys this information by means of your PC. This procedure gives you the ability to navigate the Web work and resources along with additional Web software more suitable for computers and users.

How the Internet works

The net is really a modern, specialized infrastructure, thanks to that there is certainly net Internet. Basically, that the net includes a massive system of servers which may speak with each other.

The foundation of this net isn't wholly obvious. The job on invention of this Web was established in 60ies because of study endeavor backed from the Ministry of defense, however already in 80 a long time now has improved community, that has been endorsed and manufactured with lots of colleges and individual businesses.

Cyber weapon in 21st century Part 3

As paradoxical as it sounds, Yes. Despite the simplicity of the jammer, we are dealing with a device specifically designed for the neutralization of the technical means of the enemy. It is a defensive system, operating in the space of solutions to cyber challenges of disorder in the functioning of some specific machine. And already we can identify some characteristic features of the first type of cyber weapons:

Cyber weapon in 21st century Part 4

Compare the two examples. One purpose of abstract the impact of cyber weapons is a software for the management of nuclear power reactor that is not connected to the actuators of the test stand. Another goal of impact is the same complex, managing the current reactor. The result of a violation of the functioning of this complex in the first case will be relatively harmless software failures. In the second case the results will vary greatly depending on the spectrum of the control circuit and methods of operation connected to the system actuators.

Cyber weapon in 21st century Part 2

Based on the magnitude of the impact, the weapon classifies viruses type Flame or zombie network used to send spam and organization of the distributed attacks that attempt to overload the information systems and from it a denial of service (DOS and DDOS) attacks. This error has become so widespread that there is a need at least to formalize a set of features, which makes the passage of the program code weapons. And why, actually, it is the program code?

Cyber weapon in 21st century Part 1

Recent books are filled of using these provisions "cyber warfare", "combating in cyber space", "cyber dangers" and such. That is largely as a result of how journalists immediately acquired perhaps not the optimal word, with it outside of circumstance. Consequently, "cyber valley" with equivalent possibility may be known as a propaganda performance from the info distance of this net and efforts to hack on banking strategies, constituting critical data infrastructures, in addition to almost any actions which indirectly or directly touch together with the web, computers.

Cyber warfare and its threats

Any scientific achievement and technology enterprising warriors try to put at the service of the God of war. Subject to this rule and computer technology, which can also be used for applying real damage to a potential enemy. These technologies even got a separate name cyberwar.

What it is and what like virtual fighting threatening ordinary people is a matter which should be considered in more detail.