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Are the children of the digital age better than the "generation of television"?

Have your children or grandchildren been born after 2000? They have a special historical mission!

While liberals and conservatives are fighting among themselves, a new player appears on the historical proscenium. They are representatives of the generation of Z - so according to the theory of generations, they refer to young people who are born between 2000 and 2020.

While this "petty punks" still runs in short pants, but it will take two decades and after about 2040 they will sweep us off the stage. Where will the country and the world lead this young and unfamiliar tribe?

"They Are Strains, And Their Military Preparation Wants..."

Generation Z has not yet been born properly, as it has already acquired a bad reputation. They were accused of "digital dementia," that is, inability to keep in mind large amounts of information and concentrate on a complex problem. And indeed, they do not remember (like we used to!) The phones of friends and acquaintances, swim in historical dates. They prefer to download ready-made text from the Internet, than to create a "unique" essay on the theme "Horses eat oats". Does this mean that the habit of relying on electronic helpers makes our children stupid?

Do not hurry to mourn the intellect of your children and grandchildren! If the commanders of the legendary First Cavalry inspected today our military units, they would be horrified by the level of cavalry training of personnel. But this does not mean that the modern army is inferior in combat power to its predecessors. Let's not act as the old militants, but let's see what the scientists say about the Z generation. Moreover, as the tests show, the level of IQ in the digital generation is the highest among representatives of different generations.

Internet Children Will Turn The World?

The creators of the theory of generations affirm: Generations are formed due to the fact that people experience the influence of the same historical events and social phenomena. As a result, the group has a certain pattern of behavior and a system of values. A number of scientists assign to the generation Z the mission of revolutionaries who will turn the world over. Among them, the famous Canadian researcher Don Tapscott. He believes that the special status of children of the 21st century is connected with the emergence of a new way of communication - the Internet (how these technologies were developed, see "COMPARE?"). Representatives of older generations also know how to poke their fingers in the touch screen, but it is the Zetas that are the first fully digital generation.

- The consciousness of people in the second half of the twentieth century was formed under the influence of television, - considers Tapscott. - For the older generations, the blue screen is still the most important source of information. But for the generation Z the TV is already an old-fashioned obsolete toy, for them the king and god is the World Wide Web. It is important to understand that television culture and the Internet form a completely different type of personality. "Generation of television" is a passive side - they perceive the information agenda, which is formed for them by other people. Representatives of the "Internet generation" in contrast are active participants in the search for information. Users themselves choose the site whose newsletter they would like to receive. Determine to whom "knock" on friends in social networks, with whom to exchange news. Thus, a new type of thinking is cultivated and the foundations of a new world economic model are laid, which is based on mass cooperation.

Beautiful Enemies of Bureaucracy

What kind of beast is this - the economy of mass cooperation? In fact, you yourself know this very well. Take, for example, one of the most successful modern projects, the social network Facebook, which made 32-year-old Mark Zuckerberg the youngest billionaire in the world. But who fills Facebook with content? Only the users themselves - and no one else! Another example is the project of the electronic encyclopedia "Wikipedia". This is the largest reference resource that humanity has ever created. But in the state of "Wikipedia" only 5 people work! Virtually all articles were written by volunteers.

New trends relate not only to information technology and software. They made a real sensation in the most diverse spheres of life. Take at least mobile applications to find a taxi: Gett, Uber, Yandex-taxi ... Their turnover is estimated in billions. And in the healthcare industry a similar revolution will be made by services like PatientsLikeMe. There, hundreds of thousands of patients share their data from the medical history with doctors, scientists and representatives of pharmaceutical companies. Physicians eventually get access to a unique database. And patients - the most effective scheme of treatment and advice of the best Aesculapius.

And how not to mention the short-term rental service AirBnb, which caused a knockout blow to the hotel business? Service reduces travelers and owners of houses and apartments who want to earn on renting their homes. Tourists at the same time pay for overnight at times less than in hotels. This year, the company is going to serve 129 million travelers, earning 1.6 billion dollars.

Well, and the key moment for the economy: now it is not necessary in the search of investments to pester the thresholds of state institutions or go on a nod to business sharks. Multimillion-dollar injections can be obtained on the platform of collecting voluntary donations such as Kickstarter. For example, thanks to this site were collected 2.5 million dollars for the development of virtual reality glasses Oculus Rift.

This way of economy leaves not the lot of the now influential state bureaucracy class, since it directly reduces the consumer and producer of services without an intermediary. Perhaps the children of the digital age will be able to make the revolution that the utopian socialists have talked about for so long, and to build a world based on justice and reason. They will do it easily. If only they can get distracted from computer toys...

How are digital children different from us?

Five main features of representatives of the new generation

1. Among the representatives of the Z generation due to the development of biotechnologies, the average life expectancy will for the first time be 100 years.

2. In this regard, the idea of the usual age range will change. The adolescent period will last up to 30 years, since young people will have to learn much more knowledge. The boundaries of a mature, active age will cover the period from 30 to 80 years.

3. Television will be buried in the era of the Zeta. In any case, in the current format. Children of the digital era will download programs, movies and music videos from the Internet, focusing on "tips" social networks and video channels like YouTube.

4. Contrary to the centuries-old practice of transferring experience from fathers to children, representatives of generation Z, born with a tablet in their hands, are much better than parents oriented in the world of new technologies. The older generations no longer have the former authority, their life experience depreciates.

5. It is estimated that by the year 21, the average digital "aborigine" will spend 10,000 hours alone with his smartphone. At the same time, he will be hanging 3,500 hours in social networks, and spend 5,000 hours on computer games.


How technologies conquer the world

We live in an amazing time. The knowledge that we get at school and at the institute is getting outdated even before we finish training. The idea of how dramatically increased the rate of social change can be obtained from this tablet.