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The Peewee Power Desktop is a high powered kid’s computer meant to educate and grow with your child. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor with your choice of either Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium or Edubuntu 12.04 LTS, these amazingly child friendly computers are sure to keep your kids entertained and educated throughout their primary school years and beyond.

The Peewee Power Desktop computer for kids comes equipped with Open Office for Kids, a wonderfully simple and fun introductory office suite for children. Open Office for Kids offers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and basic CAD drawing software made specifically for kids based on the open source Open Office software suite.

Each Peewee Power Desktop has the option of being configured with either Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium or Edubuntu 12.04 LTS. There are significant differences between the two operating systems which directly effect the types of games and software that may be installed in the computer. Please be sure you understand the difference between Windows and Linux before you make a decision

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium is a safe and easy to use operating system. With the Peewee PC Quick Start Guide on every Peewee PCgetting your kid started with their new computer couldn't be easier. The new Peewee Desktop Launchpad links to the most commonly used applications on the Peewee PC and is readily available from the desktop at all times. Add that to the Peewee Game Center with over 20 educational activity games and Google's Chrome Browser with tons of fun extensions for kids and the possibilities are endless! 

Edubuntu 12.04 LTS is an open source operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux and is maintained by a global community of contributing developers. As an open platform it has a vast amount of free and compatible software packages that span a range of needs that are sure to grow with your child. Included in each installation of Edubuntu are the Gcompris Educational Suite as well as Tux Math and Tux Typing. Gcompris has over 100 educational games for children spanning difficulties suitable for children ages 3-12. Google's Chrome Browser comes standard on the Peewee Power Desktop for kids.

Peewee PC is committed to the future success of today’s children. Technology is an integral part of our society and is becoming ever more important each passing day. Our children’s desktop computers are the optimal solution for kids today by providing an environment for them to play while learning important skills that will aid them as they mature in a technologically driven world.



320GB 7200rpm HDD

Intel® Atom™ Processor     

Intel® VGA Graphics Cedarview Chipset

1-Year Warranty and Lifetime Support


High-end Components
Hardware that keeps up.

All Peewee PC desktops and laptops feature the powerful Intel® processor, robust memory and graphics cards so the computer keeps up with the little tyke who's using it. Learn more

Edu-tainment Software
Learning made fun.

We want kids to get the most out of their Peewee PC, which is why our computers come packed with fun and educational software for each age group. Our Peewee Academy classes can also teach kids basic computing skills. Learn more

Warranty Support
Support at every step.

Peewee PC's are built tough inside and out, but we know how kids play. That's why every Peewee PC comes with a world-class warranty and 24/7 lifetime support. Learn more

Windows Security Suite
Safe computing.

Each PeeWee PC comes with a top-of-the-line Windows security suite so kids learn safely. Built-in parental controls help parents manage which programs and games kids use and how much time they spend in front of the computer. Learn more

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