Peewee Power Laptop

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The Peewee Power Laptop is an award winning learning laptop designed just for kids. Built on the Intel® Atom™ processor, the Peewee Power Laptop features a durable, drop and spill resistant construction with a removable carrying handle to withstand demanding everyday use at school, in the house or in between. 

The Peewee Power Laptop comes with Edubuntu 12.04 LTS as the standard operating system. Edubuntu 12.04 is an open source operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux and is maintained by a global community of contributing developers. As an open platform it has a vast amount of free and compatible software packages that span a range of needs that are sure to grow with your child well through their primary years. Included in each installation of Edubuntu are the Gcompris Educational Suite as well as Tux Math and Tux Typing. Gcompris has over 100 educational games for children spanning difficulties suitable for children ages 3-12. Google's Chrome Browser comes standard on the Peewee Power laptop for kids.

Peewee PC is committed to the advancement of technology in the classroom, and it is because of this that we have made it a priority to bring a low cost laptop option to our customers. Offering children access to hundreds of free software packages ranging from drawing applications to video and sound manipulation software, gives kids the ability to interact and work with tools otherwise out of their reach financially. Bringing Linux into the home and classroom would add a tremendous amount of technological influence on the children exposed.


High-Resolution Screen


320GB 5400RPM HDD

Educational Game Package for ages 3-12+

1-Year Warranty and Lifetime Support

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